Chef Giuliana Nocera, Chef at home, PRIVATE CHEF IN SICILY.

My name is Giuliana and I'm an experienced chef, I've worked and travelled in many countries, like UK, France, Colombia, Panamà and Italy of course.

I started cooking at the age of 13 in my house when my parents when out for working, and I started as a profession at the age of 19, when I was away from home.

For me cooking is not just a job, I express myself and all the experiences I lived in my life, as the countries I've been living and the restaurants and people I met in my life.


Salut! Je parle un petit peu le français. Cheffe Giuliana Nocera.

Hola! Yo Hablo Espanol, Giuliana Nocera cocinera.

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Sicilian food specialist, Sicilian Cuisine, Sicilian dishes and foods.


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